About XYSIL® Fumed Silica

XYSIL® is the brand of fumed silica products manufactured by Henan Xunyu Chemical Co., Ltd. The stable quality and competitive price help building its solid reputation all over the world.

XYSIL® fumed silica performs excellent characteristics of reinforcing, thickening, thixotropy, insulation, matting, resist sagging, free-flow, adsorption, etc. It is widely used in HTV silicone rubber, RTV silicone sealant, coating, paint, unsaturated polyester resin, adhesive, sealant, pigment, ink, insulation material, plastic, agriculture and medical macromolecule industrial fields.

XYSIL® Fumed Silica Application

  • Paints & coating & printing inks
  • Unsaturated polyester resins
  • HTV silicone rubber
  • Liquid silicone rubber
  • RTV silicone sealant
  • Adhesive, e.g. instant glue and hot-melt adhesives
  • Toners for photocopying machines
  • Thermal insulation material
  • Vacuum insulation panel
  • Electrical insulator
  • Storage battery
  • Cable compounds
  • Agricultural chemical
  • Mechanical polishing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetic
  • Food

XYSIL® Fumed Silica Fuctions

  • Reinforcement
  • Ease of Compounding
  • Elongation Resistance
  • Thixotropy
  • Dispersability
  • Rheology control
  • Thickening
  • Anti-settling
  • Free-flow
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Anti-sag
  • Thermal Stability

In our research center, the technique stuff always improve the quality, and explore new characteristics for different application area. XYSIL® fumed silica displays more excellent functions in so many application fields, but we are sure that many functions are not found in other terra incognita.