XYSIL® 200P hydrophilic Fumed Silica

XYSIL® 200P is a hydrophilic Fumed Silica with a specific surface area of 200m2/g, and it is synthetic, hydrophilic amorphous silica (colloidal silicon dioxide).


Pharmacy, all types of dosage forms
(XYSIL® 200P shows identical application properties to XYSIL® 200).


  • Free flow and anti-caking agent to improve powder properties
  • Improve tablet properties such as hardness and friability
  • as viscosity increasing agent to thicken and thixotropize liquids
  • Dessicant for moisture-sensitive actives
  • Improves distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Used as anti-setting, thickening and anti-sagging agent
  • High purity, low humidity content
  • No influence on taste
  • Does not alter natural colour of powder formulations

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No materials from plant or animal origin are used during the manufacturing, packaging, and storage of XYSIL® 200P fumed silica. The production and packaging processes for XYSIL® 200P fumed silica products are closed and as such there is no risk of genetically modified organisms and any plant or animal-derived allergens or precursors of disease (BSE, TSE, etc.).

Residual Solvents

No organic solvents are used or formed as a by-product during the manufacturing of XYSIL® fumed silica products.

Packing and Storage:

XYSIL® 200P is packaged in multiple layer kraft paper 10kg bags on a pallet and should be stored in the original packaging in dry storage areas for protecting the material from the volatile substance. XYSIL® fumed silica should be used within 1 year after production.


TDS: Technical Data Sheet of XYSIL® 200P from download center
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheets of XYSIL® Hydrophilic Fumed Silica