Sample Request

This page is a direction on How to request a fumed silica sample mailing from Xunyu Chemical. To make sure your request proceed proberly, please read the below content carefully. Or you can download contact us for detail information.

Fumed Silica Sample Processes

  1. Fill out the form on line or download fumed silica sample request (.doc) form and fill out
  2. If you download the form, send it back to us by email (users who fill the form on line do not need to send email)
  3. Xunyu Chem. will contact you to confirm the details and send the confirm form
  4. Sign the confirmation form and send it back to Xunyu chem.
  5. Pay the freight to Xunyu Chem or pay to express company when the sample arrives. The sample is free, but requesters should pay the freight
  6. Xunyu Chem. arrange the mailing and give the track number
  7. Receive the sample (pay the freight to express company)

* For lab test purpose(less than 1kg), check gallery for direct impression; more than 1kg, please directly contact us.