XYSIL® R200 hydrophobic Fumed Silica

XYSIL®R200 is a fumed silica aftertreated with HMDS(hexamethyldisilazane) based on a hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of 220m2/g.


  • Paint & coating
  • RTV silicone sealant
  • Silicone rubber
  • Adhesive


  • thickening, thixotropic agent
  • anti-settling agent

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Packing and Storage:

XYSIL® R200 is packaged in multiple layer kraft paper 10kg bags on a pallet and should be stored in the original packaging in dry storage areas for protecting the material from the volatile substance. Xysil fumed silica should be used within 1 year after production.


TDS: Technical Data Sheet of XYSIL® R200
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheets of XYSIL® Hydrophobic Fumed Silica